Express yourself in the best way you know

Our prosthetic covers reflect what makes you unique. Each one is crafted to fit you and you alone.

Protection and design that recreates the anatomic shape, while offering a new way to express your personality.

What we do

About our covers

Design, protection and expression

  • No other cover like it, your design is uniquely your own. We simply bring your idea to life.
  • Our covers reflect the anatomical shape of your sound leg.
  • Available for AK and BK prosthesis. With options for anybody and every body, we design for most prosthetic components and combinations.
  • Our covers protect internal prosthetic components and clothing.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Water resistant and lightweight.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Your clothes fit better.
  • Two design lines to choose from: CustomFit custom covers and QuickFit semi-custom covers.

“When I received my UNYQ cover, I showed my legs for the first time in a 45 years.”

Cristiano Berlanda  UNYQer, Professional Golfer, DJ and Father


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Custom covers


The CustomFit is a line of individualized custom covers, that comes in more than 20 designs and 40 colors with extra options for creating your unique design. Each cover is designed to adapt to each prosthetic combination and user’s anatomy. We design each cover to be ‘like no other’. Available in 3D Firm or 3D Flex material, both for AK and BK users, delivered in just 3-4 weeks. 

    3D Firm​​    ​​​      3D Flex​​    ​​​

Semi-custom covers


Our semi-custom line for AK prosthetics offers a ‘ready-to-wear’ solution, specifically designed for those who want to enter a clinic, and walk out wearing a cover. With a small cut to adjust the covers length in the clinic, the QuickFit covers provide protection and anatomical shape that allows for better fitting clothes. Covers are made  in 3D Firm material.

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How to get your UNYQ cover


Choose your cover

Select the design, texture, color & finish of your cover that best fits your unique personality! Or, take up an original design from our CustomFit.

    Design your dream cover    


Get measured

Head to your UNYQ Clinic to get measured. Your prosthetist will advise on the best choices for you, as well as look into reimbursement options.

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Enjoy it

Your custom cover will be with you within 3-4 weeks, a perfect companion that offers exceptional protection and style. And if you can’t wait, simply walk into your clinic and walk out sporting one of our QuickFit read-to-wear covers.

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