Respecta’s Commitment to Quality Care and UNYQ’s Impact: An Interview with Tiina Salmi, CPO, and Tiina Nopanen, UNYQer

In our quest to explore the world of med-tech and the innovative solutions that bring improved quality of life to patients, we sat down with Tiina Salmi, a Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist (CPO) at Respecta (Ottobock Finland).
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In our quest to explore the world of med-tech and the innovative solutions that bring improved quality of life to patients, we sat down with Tiina Salmi, a Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist (CPO) at Respecta (Ottobock Finland). Respecta is a nationwide med-tech company based in Finland, boasting 14 clinics across the country. Founded in 2000, Respecta’s roots trace back to the 1940s, with a mission to enhance the lives of war-disabled individuals. They specialize in providing assistive devices and related services in Finland, both ready-made and custom-designed.

Tiina Salmi has been a dedicated member of the Respecta team for 15 years and has spent her entire career at the Helsinki clinic since 2008. Her primary focus is on lower limb prosthetics, where her days are filled with a diverse range of responsibilities, including taking measurements, manufacturing prosthetic components, fitting devices, conducting assessments, and engaging in critical dialogues with healthcare payers. She is also deeply involved in educating therapists and hosting workshops to ensure that the latest advancements in prosthetic care reach her patients.

Respecta’s Core Values

In discussing Respecta’s core values and clinic focus, Tiina emphasizes their commitment to helping people maintain or regain their freedom of movement. This goal resonates strongly with her personal mission, which is to enable her patients to move pain-free. Respecta’s approach is grounded in innovative technology, a holistic perspective, and global activities. 

They actively engage in dialogue with users and customers, prioritizing respect, courage, and commitment in their interactions. Collaboration with other healthcare professionals and an open and honest dialogue are at the heart of Respecta’s operations, ensuring patients receive the best possible care.

Embracing New Technologies

When asked about the adoption of new technologies and digitalization, Tiina acknowledges their openness to embracing innovations that can benefit their patients. The goal is to offer advanced solutions, such as scanning and 3D printing, to create a superior customer experience and open new possibilities in prosthetic care. These technologies aim to streamline the rehabilitation and treatment process, providing efficiency and convenience.

Tiina Salmi, CPO at Respecta

Prosthetic Covers and UNYQ

In the world of prosthetics, aesthetics matter. Traditional microprocessor knees include protective, soft cosmetic covers that often wear out quickly. Many patients desire a limb that appears as natural as possible, and this is where Tiina highlights the importance of creating awareness, embracing individuality, and proudly showcasing prostheses.

Tiina speaks positively about UNYQ’s services and products, citing a quick training session for the app and products. The digital process offered by UNYQ allows for the convenient storage of measurement data, simplifying the process of ordering new covers. This technology, combined with excellent support, contributes to a seamless workflow.

UNYQ’s prosthetic covers offer numerous advantages, including durability, beauty, and ease of wear. Tiina underscores the significance of aesthetics in boosting a patient’s self-image and confidence, ultimately encouraging the regular use of prosthetic solutions.

Patient satisfaction with UNYQ covers has been positive, as it allows them to choose designs and materials that align with their preferences. This personalization enhances the overall experience.

Reimbursement and Prosthetic Covers

In Finland and their region, most aspects of limb prosthetics are tendered by public healthcare, emphasizing the importance of justifying the need for additional covers. While price plays a significant role, the primary focus is on the potential positive impact on a patient’s body image and quality of life. UNYQ covers are seen as a valuable addition to prosthetic care.

Taking pictures

Taking measurements

Processing the order through UNYQ App

Tiina Nopanen’s Inspiring Journey

Tiina Nopanen has a unique life story. She has been an amputee since the age of 10 and has faced the challenges of limb loss since then. Initially, she wished to blend in and appear no different from her peers. However, over time, she discovered the power of her prosthetic, which transformed her perspective. With a love for nature and a passion for outdoor activities, she found inspiration in the outdoors and became an advocate for accessible nature trails.

Today, Tiina is an amputee role model who aims to raise awareness about amputations, prosthetics, and disabilities. Her journey showcases the importance of self-acceptance and embracing one’s uniqueness.

Fostering Understanding and Acceptance

Tiina believes that amputees need to be visible in society to promote a greater understanding of their capabilities. Through education and sharing their stories, amputees can contribute to the normalization of prosthetic devices and inspire others to embrace their uniqueness.

Support from Family and Friends

The support of family and friends is invaluable for individuals with limb differences. It provides a safe space to be oneself, particularly during the challenging phase of self-acceptance. Tiina emphasizes the importance of showing vulnerability and seeking help when needed.

UNYQ Covers and Body Image

UNYQ covers are instrumental in shaping a positive body image and self-perception. They offer options that allow individuals to either blend in or stand out, catering to personal preferences. Tiina’s experience with her UNYQ cover, Natura in jade green, represents her love for nature and serves as a source of pride.

Tiina Nopanen wearing UNYQ Natura prosthetic cover design

Advice to Fellow UNYQers

Tiina’s advice to fellow UNYQers is to be themselves proudly. She encourages others to showcase their prosthetic devices, emphasizing that they are remarkable pieces of technology that empower individuals to conquer the world.

Tiina’s journey and insights highlight the transformative power of technology and self-acceptance in the lives of amputees. Her partnership with UNYQ and Respecta exemplifies the commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals with limb differences.

About Tiina’s UNYQ Natura Flex design

Tiina is wearing a UNYQ Natura Flex design in Jade glossy.

Did you know that our Natura design is Inspired by nature’s ability to adapt to change? We love that our Natura design reflects success in ways we never expected

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