Amputees lifestyle – Who does not try, never gets there.

Pilar Mena – Amputees lifestyle (UNYQer Interview).
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Amputees lifestyle | Pilar Mena wearing 3D Firm Herringbone UNYQ Cover design in silver

Pilar Mena UNYQer interview

As a UNYQer, Pilar likes to share her style and good experiences using UNYQ Covers to boost self-esteem. Besides, other people will find inspiration in their daily lives and will be motivated to continue building their lives Like No Other.

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​Each of us has a personal life story behind that makes us unique, what is yours? How do you feel you are unique?

I consider myself optimistic, fun, and a fighter.

Each person is unique, I think we all have something that makes us feel different, of course in my case I have never set limitations and I have always felt special.

I have always been in hospitals due to a congenital malformation, and although I have never limited myself from doing anything, I always put my will into everything.  So «Why will I not be able to do it? Who does not try, never gets there…”

Life itself is difficult, although I have always tried to overcome all obstacles. I continue trying new and motivating activities like skateboarding for my first time!

​How do you handle self-acceptance? And what is your biggest inspiration in life?

¡Great! I always put a smile on everything, and as bad as it sounds to say it, I look beautiful and great!

I always have many idols in my life to look up to and learn something more, they are always changing, it depends on the moment. But for sure, my biggest inspiration are my children.

​If you had to give advice to another amputee what would you tell them?

I would say that life is very beautiful and you have to live it.

We all always have a struggle and any obstacle that we encounter is a stone to overcome. The satisfaction of being able to achieve it makes you happy. 

Life is moments. We always remember the bad experiences and we don’t value the good ones, let’s change that because when you value them you will feel fulfilled.

​What does wearing UNYQ Covers mean to you?

I have been using UNYQ Covers for 5 years. My prosthetist told me about UNYQ and I fell in love with all your covers.

Besides being practical and functional, they make you feel special. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about them. (Check out Pilar’s UNYQ Cover here.)

If I have to say one thing about them, it’s that I wish Flex Covers had been around when I bought my firsts!

Pilar Mena‘s opinion about UNYQ Covers

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