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Introducing Symmetry

Say goodbye to ill-fitting pant legs. With our custom Symmetric Contour technology, our prosthetic covers echo the shape of your sound leg. We’ve got your leg covered.

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Freedom to choose

No compromises. No more fake looking silicone covers. This is about allowing you the freedom to express yourself. Choose from one of our designs or design your own.

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  • “People think it's a unique fashion accessory, like a piece of jewelry you wear on your leg.” - Katherine Crawford
  • “It certainly catches people's attention” - Alex Minsky
  • “It's like a piece of armor from Asgard, I absolutely love it.” - Katherine Crawford
  • "Strangers now come up to me and tell me it's cool.  This is definitely the next step in prosthetics." - Travis Ricks
  • “This is what I was going to put on my real leg” - Alex Minsky
  • “It lets me build an extension of myself through the prosthetic, and not hide who I am.” - Travis Ricks

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