Amputees lifestyle – Rediscover yourself

Marleen Verbeek (UNYQer Interview) Marleen is a mom of two children who loves to rediscover herself. In fact, she likes languages, traveling, nature, walks and decorating her house. Her motto is «rediscover yourself», so after amputation she learned how to snowboard and she’s now launching a tequila brand with her boyfriend. You can read her […]

  • Julian Schoen – Amputees lifestyle (UNYQer Interview). Julian is a German construction operations and project manager that feels life is a road to travel. That’s why for him amputation may be the beginning, or the way. Read his full interview and leave him a comment below! And if you want to share your story with […]

  • Pilar Mena – Amputees lifestyle (UNYQer Interview). Amputation is a tough experience for amputees, and sometimes it is also considered a taboo topic by others. That is why it is important to talk about the amputee lifestyle to inspire and motivate others. As a UNYQer, Pilar likes to share her style and good experiences using […]

  • “Motivation to heal it’s a matter of mindset”. This is what Joseph Forde (Titanium Tarzan on social media) said about amputees’ motivation to heal. Husband, father, graduated in banking compliance, and passionate about soccer and motorbikes, Joseph gave us a great talk about the importance of amputees’ motivation to heal when hell comes. After a […]

  • Dealing with body image and other’s perception. “I didn’t see a double amputee on television until I was on television”, that’s what concerns Katy Sullivan about the amputees’ inclusion in the media. This time we had a great talk with Katy Sullivan, actress, athlete, and transfemoral double amputee from the USA, about the lack of […]

  • A great Facebook Live talk with Kalli about amputation, family and the importance of attitude.

  • "A cover that can bend? A cover with shock-absorbing paint? This was the stuff of dreams!"